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Name: Jordan Ronalds
Subject: Can a woman want to bang you, even if she hates you?
Message: By far, the biggest mistake men make when they want to make a woman wet… Is thinking that LUSTING FOR YOU somehow comes from LIKING you. But nothing could be further from the truth. You see, whether or not a girl ‘likes’ you and approves of you… Has nothing to do with whether or not she wants to wrap her legs around you and draw you deep inside her. In fact… Women are more likely to fantasize about getting bent over and ravaged by a guy they don’t particularly “like” in the traditional sense. Discover how to make her fantasize about getting pounded by you here ==> That’s because LUST and LIKING exist in different areas of her brain… “Liking” is generated in the rational, logical part of the brain… And lust is activated in the deeper, more primal, animal part of the brain… The good news is… That a woman’s primal, animal brain is much more powerful than her logical, reasonable one… And guys who know how to activate it… Have an insane amount of choice with women.. Here’s how to activate the LUST part of her brain <== Watch now When you think about it, we men aren’t that different: I’m sure there’s been a girl you didn’t particularly “like” or connect with… But you wouldn’t hesitate to slide into bed with her and tear her panties off. The main difference between men’s and women’s brains… Is where a man’s primal lust is triggered by a woman’s physical appearance… A woman’s primal lust is triggered by the signals his body language gives off… That’s why carrying yourself a certain way will make a woman squirm in her seat… It’ll make her want to reach down and start touching herself… And she’ll be picturing your face as she crests over… Learn how it’s done in this short, instructional video: Thank me later… -Jordan To unsubscribe reply with the word unsubscribe in the subject line and include your domain name to
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